Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar
Sørens Ølbar

Welcome to Søernes Ølbar – Home of the Beerduck.

Søernes Ølbar is our new bar at Østerbro. The location is great and we are looking forward to see you all in our new surroundings. With 20 beertaps and many different beers on bottle, we hope to satisfy your thirst for good quality beer… Table reservation is not possible. Søernes Ølbar is proudly sponsor of Copenhagen Irish Festival….

Beers on tap

1. Weihenstephaner : Hefe-Weiß (Hvede)
2. Deya / Magic Rock / Left Handed Giant : Compulsary Fun (IPA)
3. Hancock : Høkerbajer (Pilsner)
4. Siren : Soundwave (IPA)
5. Magic Rock : High Wire Grapefruit ed. (IPA)
6. Flying Couch : E=MC^2 (IPA)
7. Left Handed Giant : Devil Berry (Berliner)
8. Flying Couch : Surt Arbejde (Gose)
9.  Stone : GoTo (SIPA)
10. Bad Seed : Lazarus Resurrection (IPA)

11. Flying Couch : Frontal Lobotomy (IPA)
12. Flying Couch : DUNK (IPA)
13. Magic Rock : High Wire (IPA)
14. BBNo : 11|03 (SIPA)
15. Flying Couch : Squeeze (IPA)
16. Magic Rock : Common Grounds (Porter)
17. Left Handed Giant : Deeper Water (Stout)
18. Flying Couch : Sort Arbejde (Porter)
19. Founders : CBS (Imp. Stout)
20. Thornbridge : Cocoa Wonderland (Porter)

Beer Tasting

We do beer tasting on every weekday except Friday.. Kasper G. who´s cofounder at Flying Couch and manager of Søernes Ølbar will conduct the session and lead you through the lovely world of beer.
The prize is 1500,-kr. which covers for up to 10 persons ( any person above costs 150,-kr.) and includes the tasting of app. 6 beers, all depends what kind of tasting you are interested in. The beer tasting will take approx. 1,5 hrs. Please send the request to soernesoelbar@gmail.com

We show any sports event you request if it´s broadcasted by any of the channels listed below

Kanal 5
TV2 Sport

TV2 Sport HD
Eurosport HD
Eurosport 2 HD
Canal +
Canal + Sport1
Canal + Sport2
Canal + Sport Extra
Canal + Sport HD

Søernes Ølbar is located by the lakes at Sortedams Dosseringen 83 in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Søernes Ølbar
Sortedams Dosseringen 83,
2100 København Ø
Phone: 32196380 (from march 1.)
Mail: soernesoelbar@gmail.com